Hero Minis Pack

Vengeance: Roll & Fight is an action movie in a box where you play a vigilante intent on wiping out the gangs that plague your city. Designed by Dávid Turczi, Noralie Lubbers and Gordon Calleja, Vengeance: Roll & Fight is an action-packed twist on the roll-and-write genre, bringing a real-time, dice-rolling system where you throw, punch and backflip your way through gang-infested dens. Why roll and write, when you can roll and fight?

* Requires Vengeance: Roll & Fight base game to play.

 (excl VAT)

What better way to fight your way through those dens than with minis from the original Vengeance game? The Hero mini pack contains all the characters from both Episodes. These are the same hero miniatures found in Vengeance original base game, the Rosari Expansion, the Meatboy Murphy Hero pack and Runa Bolt Hero pack.

Character Miniatures included:

  • Kaja
  • Reverend Grey
  • Johnny Silverhand
  • Little Gudrun
  • Lea Pistolera
  • Shadowman
  • Meatboy Murphy
  • Runa Bolt