Cooperative RPG-like action adventure for 1-4 players
App-driven narrative full of meaningful choices and surprising twists
35+ hours of sprawling story and intense fights
Game sessions of under an hour

The Game

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is a mythical action adventure campaign full of surprising twists with a sprawling story and intense fights in episodes of under an hour.

The game offers an accessible, cooperative RPG-like board game experience for 1 to 4 players. Meaningful narrative choices and intense combat scenes are the action-packed heart of the game. Take on the role of a hero and work together to backflip, double-slash and charge your way to victory! The app-driven story lets you navigate your way through a city full of intrigue and remembers your choices which will ultimately determine the fate of the empire.

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The Adventure

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is an action adventure for newcomers and expert players alike. The app-driven game submerges you into a rich and involved fantasy RPG world without the need for a gamemaster, while also tackling the intimidating and overwhelming learning curve of an expert dungeon crawler.
After completing a carefully curated tutorial to ease you into the campaign, you will level into more challenging objectives and surprising encounters where you'll have to combine the full potential of your hero's abilities to succeed. Completing your objectives will unlock valuable loot, new locations, interesting character interactions and many side quests.
You can comfortably play through one or two scenarios in one hour, and overall take on more than 35 hours of thrilling adventure. The choices you make weave a different path through the game's story-branches for a unique experience with each playthrough.
During your whole adventure, the app guides you like a true gamemaster. It handles all the bookkeeping, tells the story and sets the atmosphere, so you can focus on the gameplay and let yourself be the hero in your adventure.

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The Story

"In this city that he has made into the pride of all Kaan, the Ilkral has eyes and ears at every corner. He is a beloved ruler, but in the shadows of this city he has buried dark secrets. There is an ambition in him that will not rest until all of Kaan has bent the knee to him, and I fear he will burn our homeland to ash and scatter it on the winds if it stands in his way."

You will take on the role of heroes venturing out of their forested homeland to the crowded, opulent city of Easafir with the hope of freeing emissary Naskê who is locked up in the Emperor's palace. Along the way, you will meet a cast of dubious characters and get dragged into thorny situations that will require a charming turn of phrase or an arrow to the head to resolve.

The World

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan is set in Eana, a rich and incredibly detailed RPG fantasy world created by the award-winning Studio Agate over the past seven years.
The game will take you to Easafir, the capital of the Kartaçöl empire. Easafir is a world city in its ascendancy, attracting wealth and power - as well as those who seek them. It is a city of light and shadow, where the prosperity and glory of the empire is on full display - but, beneath the surface, evidence of the city's tragic past and the empire's terrible crimes is waiting to be uncovered.
As you pursue your quest, you'll cross paths with a colourful cast of characters - from beggars and tavern singers to militia captains, witches in hiding, ancient spirits, spies from distant lands and imprisoned druids, and all the way to the immortal emperor himself. You'll explore every corner of the city, from its monumental avenues and rich bazaars to the shady alleys of the Eclipse District, from the sealed crypts of the city's original inhabitants to the perfumed gardens of the imperial palace. In this sprawling metropolis, you'll face many fearsome opponents, overcome increasingly challenging ordeals and navigate your way through a labyrinth of deceptions, competing allegiances and difficult choices.