Excavation Earth: It Belongs in a Museum* is the second expansion for Excavation Earth. It introduces two new alien races, mysterious artefacts, a deck of technology cards and a whole new museum board. It adds new ways of scoring that create new paths to playing and winning the game!

* Requires Excavation Earth base game to play.

 (excl VAT)

In Excavation Earth you lead a race of alien explorers on their quest to excavate human artefacts and curate the ultimate art collection, and most importantly, cash in big!

Excavation Earth is an award-winning market manipulation and set collection euro game designed by Dávid Turczi (Anachrony and Imperial: Classics), Wai Yee and Gordon Calleja (Posthuman Saga, Vengeance).  It offers players tough decisions and lots of interaction, presenting challenging gameplay to players of all experience levels.