Second Wave is the first Expansion for Excavation Earth, introducing two new races - the Collectors and the Influencers - along with the new game-play elements and ways of scoring. The Observation Barge, which lets you further manipulate the market demand for artifacts and score points at the end of the game. Achievements add a whole new way of scoring by completing set goals and Racial Wildcards give each race their own, more powerful Action card to boost their Round!

* Requires Excavation Earth base game to play.

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Second Wave Excavation Earth can be played solo or competitively with up to 4 players. The game comes with a streamlined rule-set that makes it easy to teach, yet offers deep game-play through the tough decisions taken each turn and the high player interaction. 

  • Play as a Collector or an Influencer on your quest to collect human artefacts and cash in big! Both new characters are compatible with just the base game or with the base game and expansion.
  • Manipulate the market demand for artifacts with the new Observation Barge and score big!
  • Complete set goals to score extra points and piece together the most exquisite collection of artefacts!


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