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Posthuman Saga: Wanderer Hero


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Mutation may start slow. It may be imperceptible. But when it starts spreading, it does not stop until we’re utterly transformed.
The Wanderer is a curious exception. He has the uncanny ability to partially control the tentacles of mutation within him. A highly regarded agent of the Resistance, when the first signs of mutation manifested he left the Fortress in the middle of the night and has since lived on its outskirts. Many assume he is an outcast, but his ties to the Resistance are still strong. 


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Posthuman Saga: Wanderer Hero

His knowledge of the Wilds and his ability to control mutation makes him a valuable asset, which is why he is often sent out on missions in exchange for food, ammo and shelter in outposts when needed. There are elements within the Resistance’s leadership that mistrust the Wanderer and seek to test him with a more substantial trial. He will do his utmost to retain the good graces of the Fortress; at least until the time is right for his true intentions to manifest themselves.

What's Inside

  • Hero miniature
  • Hero card
  • Wanderer Action cards
  • Rules card
  • 6 Mutation Skill cards
  • 4 Skill cards
  • 10 Combat cards
  • 2 Item cards
  • 18 tokens