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Posthuman Saga: Resistance


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Posthuman Saga: Resistance Expansion continues the overarching story presented in the Base Game taking you deeper into the Wilds to track down Mutant Slave Trains carrying human captives and following them to a Mutant Stronghold.

* Posthuman Saga core game required to play Resistance Expansion

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Posthuman Saga: Resistance

Posthuman Saga: Resistance Expansion adds several new mechanics to the Posthuman Saga Base game along with new ways of scoring and winning the game. Resistance also adds a lot of new content, including 2 new Characters, new Followers, new Mission Objectives, new Event cards and the new Veteran Mutant die as well as a new deck of Level 3 Encounters including over 30 stories.

What's Inside

  • 28 Poker cards
  • 66 Mini poker cards
  • 89 Tokens
  • 4 new Missions
  • Slave Train board
  • 2 Hero Miniatures
  • Rulebook
  • Storybook with 30 new stories
  • Double sided Solo Sheet