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Vengeance: Saboteurs


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Saboteurs add a dimension of direct conflict to Vengeance. It is important that players are familiar with the base game before including Saboteurs as they make the game considerably more difficult. We recommend playing at least two games of Vengeance before including Saboteurs.

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Vengeance: Saboteurs

Saboteurs are hired by players at the end of the Montage turn, after speed has been determined and cost 1 wild token. Players pick the deck of saboteur cards and buy up to 1 card per saboteur in play and keep them face down.

There are 4 saboteur packs available and you can have anywhere from 1 to all of them in play. When a player declares an attack on a den and reveals the Boss card, players may play their sabotage cards. If more than one player wishes to sabotage the current player the one with the highest speed is allowed to do so. Only one saboteur may be played per turn per player. The sabotaging player now selects any minion on the den and removes it, then they take the relevant miniature and places it according the deployment icon on the card: any combination of starting zone, boss zone or normal zones, as indicated. Now they follow the rules on the card. Each Saboteur has a health stat and one or two abilities.

The Saboteur Bundle include 16 miniatures, base clips and cards:

  • x4 Assassin
  • x4 Guard Dog
  • x4 Pistolero
  • x4 Bouncer