Flowers Expansion

Petrichor: Flowers is the first expansion to the Petrichor base game. It introduces a number of new gameplay elements including 3 new crop types, player powers and the Forecast mini-expansion. It also allows to play the Petrichor base game with up to 5 players.

* Requires Petrichor base game to play.

 (excl VAT)


Flowers enriches the Petrichor base game by bringing new action, new tiles and an extra player! The expansion adds 20 translucent glass beads, 30 cards, 14 wooden discs, 3 cardboard tiles and over 10 tokens and markers to the Petrichor base game.

  • Decide to rain on or harvest one of the 3 new tiles! The Snowdrop hides under the snow, so you can’t water it until winter ends! The Dandelion needs a single drop to develop. The Primrose is too pretty to be harvested, it just keeps on blooming!
  • Add another layer of planning to the game, by using the Forecast cards. You now have the opportunity to make a surprise move the opponents may not expect!
  • Become more powerful with the Player Power cards. They grant an asymmetric ability to each player, based on their affinity with a type of Weather or Harvest!
  • Make the game even more competitive by adding a 5th player!

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