Honeybee Expansion

Petrichor: Honeybee is the second expansion to the Petrichor base game. Pollinate your apple trees, your blueberry bushes or your watermelon, collect more honey than your opponents, and use the bee to sneak into tiles where nobody expected you to get to! The Honeybee expansion is for 1-4 players (including full solo support), and if combined with the Flowers expansion it also supports 5 player mode. Petrichor just got sweeter.

* Requires Petrichor base game to play.

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Honeybee enriches the Petrichor base game by bringing new action, a new resource, four new tiles and a giant bee to fly around! The expansion adds 3 cards, 20 wooden discs, 1 wooden bee piece, 4 cardboard tiles and over 20 tokens and markers to the Petrichor base game.

  • Produce honey on 4 new Blueberry, Apple, Passion Fruit and Watermelon tiles! All are compatible with just the base game or with the base game and Flower expansion.
  • Collect the most honey and score points at the end of the game.
  • Combine the Honeybee and Flower expansion and become more powerful with the Player Power cards. They grant an asymmetric ability to each player, based on their affinity with a type of Weather or Harvest!

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