Deluxe Alien Metal Coins

In Excavation Earth, you complete themed sets of artifacts for your collection and work the black market to grab the elusive perfect artifact. Piece together the most exquisite collection of artefacts to make you the envy of every art connoisseur this side of the Andromeda galaxy! The player who manages to collect and sell their collection for the highest value wins! 

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Why get paid in cardboard coins, when you can get these pretty Deluxe Alien Metal Coins… This Coin set offers 52 metal coins in 4 denominations especially designed for Excavation Earth. The coins are made from Zinc alloy and can of course also be used for any other game. In a set you’ll find: 1 x 16 coins / 5 x 8 coins / 10 x 16 coins / 50 x 12 coins. 

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