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Days & Nights: Red Army Pack


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Days & Nights: Red Army Pack is an add-on pack that contains 28 miniatures compatible with both Days of Ire and Nights of Fire. It also contains a small deck expansion to Nights of Fire, and an additional deck allowing campaign play. 

In Campaign mode you can play a game of Days of Ire followed by a game of Nights of Fire (solo, cooperative, or conflict mode up to 1v2 supported), and have the winner decided only at the end!

Days of Ire or Nights of Fire required to play Days & Nights: Red Army Pack

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Days & Nights: Red Army Pack

Experience the entire epic story of the Revolution from the first sparks to the last breath! Note: some stretch goals might have “Days & Nights only” icon next to them, those are only added to Days & Nights: Red Army Pack, and will be only given to backers at the Leader or Combined Leader levels.