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Vengeance: Director's Cut Expansion

As you dodge, roll and reverse-blade your way into the room where the boss is hiding you lock eyes with Donna Immacolata, your life-long nemesis and…

“CUTTTTTT!!! No, this won’t work. This scene needs to be more snappy. Swap that scrawny grunt for a tougher guy. The hero needs to earn his final show-down!”

The Director’s Cut Expansion adds another layer of direct player interaction as players alternate in taking the role of a vengeance movie director. Players can influence the action by playing director cards during another player’s fight phase activating minions, henchmen and bosses as well as changing aspects of the scene like the type of den and the minions that inhabit them.

The Director’s Cut Expansion also includes the brutal Immacolati gang and a new hero, Napoleone. Napoleone is hell-bent on taking down Donna Immacolata, the leader of the Immacolati gang who framed his family for a smuggling operation into a rival gang’s territory and had them murdered brutally in a swimming pool outside the city.