Welcome Vengeful ones!

Do you have what it takes to take on the Vengeance: Roll & Fight Challenge?

Play the game with the assigned set up - submit your score - and check out how well you did compared to other Vengeful ones!

Only one of you will be crowned the Vengeance Roll & Fight Champion...

Aside from the chance to take home the title, upon joining you also have a chance to win a free Mighty Boards game!

Who's the best Roll & Fight player in the world?

Challenge #5

January 10th - March 10th

We're launching a worldwide Vengeance: Roll and Fight Challenge for you all to take part in!

The Challenge will run until March 10th. We will launch further challenges down the line for your change to snatch the title and win more games, so keep an eye out!


How to Play

Play a game of Vengeance: Roll & Fight with the Den, Boss card and Difficulty Level mentioned here.

Add your final score to the leaderboard by filling out the form below. Done!

The Challenge
The Challenge
The Challenge
* If you don't own VRF: Episode 1, click on the image above to download and print the Den and Boss Card here to be able to join the challenge


Proud of your score?

Post a picture of your final score in the VRF channel on our Discord or on social media with #myrollandfight !


Don't own the game?

Grab a copy in our webstore, keep an eye out for our livestreams or join a Play & Win session at participating conventions! You can even come play with us at UKGE, Gen Con, SPIEL or PAX U!

New to Vengeance Roll & Fight?

Vengeance: Roll & Fight is a real-time, roll-and-write game in which the frantic action around the table mimics the kick-arse fighting action in the game-world!

The game transforms the fast-paced dice puzzles of the original Vengeance into roll-and-write mechanisms in which you're building combos, striking off ememies, and scoring points for an action-packed, brain-teasing fighting game that's easy to learn and hard to master.

Vengeance: Roll & Fight comes in 2 Episodes. Each Episode can be played without the other and comes with its own set of unique dens, bosses and characters! If you own both Episodes, you can mix and match dens, bosses and characters or even combine them to play a game with up to 8 players!
Learn to Play
Learn to Play
VRF Rulebook
BGG Page
BGG Page

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