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Mighty Boards is growing! We’re a dynamic team of people with varied backgrounds and skills, and we're looking to admit new people to our Mighty clan!

We make, design, test, write, play and talk about boards games on a sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Sounds exciting? Then we’d love to hear from you! If there are no open calls and you'd still like to reach out, don’t hesitate! Send an email to david@mighty-boards.com and tell us a little bit about what you can do (a resume would be awesome!).


Call for position of Marketing/Community Manager

Mighty Boards are looking for a motivated, creative individual to join their team as a Marketing/Community manager. 
Who are Mighty Boards?
Mighty Boards is a board game design studio and publishing house based in Malta. We focus on creating innovative board games with an emphasis on evocative story, world-building and strong aesthetics. 

Who are we looking for?

The candidate must:

  • Have strong initiative and be able to work independently.
  • Be creative in coming up with interesting ways to market our games and build a community of fans who love our unique product lines.
  • Be familiar with the board game industry, or at least be interested in board games in general. 
  • Be experienced in using social media platforms.
  • Have great English writing skills, and be able to communicate effectively with a large number of fans and customers.
  • Be located in or willing to relocate to Malta, EU. 

Priority will be given to candidates who

  • Have experience in marketing.
  • Have experience with community management, interacting with online communities, and building new communities from scratch. 
  • Are familiar with crowdfunding platforms.
  • Have a Bachelor’s and/or Master degree in: English, Creative Writing, Journalism, Marketing, Game Studies, Media, Communications, Public Relations or related areas.

What will you be doing?  

The tasks for the position include:

  • Building and implementing a successful marketing strategy for the Mighty Boards brand. 
  • Building and implementing a successful marketing strategy for each of our existing and upcoming product lines.
  • Growing our existing community of fans, through social media (specifically Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), forums and other boardgame-specific online communities.
  • Coordinating Press Releases, Newsletters, and other periodical communication from Mighty Boards.
  • Involving yourself in the Mighty Boards creative process, through playing, testing and giving feedback on our games.

What are the benefits that we can offer? 

  • Working in a fun, relaxed and inspiring environment
  • Working while living the sunny island life. (Malta has 9 months of summer and a beach is always less than 20 mins away) 
  • Getting involved and your hands dirty with the process of creating games from scratch.
  • Playing many different board games, often. Even for work.

Interested individuals should apply by sending a short resume and a cover letter to David Chircop, on david@mighty-boards.com no later than 31st January 2020.